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29 September 2011 @ 07:08 pm
OkaMori Monogatari  
konbannu! this is an OkaMori fic that i came up with, and the title just speaks for itself, OkaMori Monogatari, meaning the story of OkaMori :) little mentions of other pairings as well, and it's just full of love in general. oh but let me warn you that it's more of a pic-spam fic, so there's lots of pictures that go along with the story haha. but enjoy it!

Part 1: http://arisu-chan25.livejournal.com/41287.html#cutid1
Part2: http://arisu-chan25.livejournal.com/41589.html#cutid1
Part 3: http://arisu-chan25.livejournal.com/42178.html#cutid1

may be possible continuation if i ever get more inspiration. and mods, i have no idea what kind of fanfic my fic is under cuz i don't usually write them. i think it's half multi-chapter, half drabble, but if it's not the right tag, feel free to change it :)